Rambling About Many Things


Yet again I return after a month of inactivity on the website. Well, I haven't really forgotten about the project. I never do. I've just been focusing on related things. I've dabbled in making an offline search engine, but I didn't finish that, because I am incredibly lazy and it required some complex cluster sorting algorithm, which I couldn't be bothered to steal or implement.

Anyways, on the topic of W3I. For the past few days I have been reworking my website generator. Before I used a Python script that generated my website. However, I wanted to add the possible functionality of descriptions for directories. So I opened up the source code, and, well... it was completely unintelligible. There was no way I was understanding that code unless I sit down for like 5 hours straight, fueled by crack cocaine. That's why I decided to rewrite the entire program in C. A couple days, 1,500 lines and 50,000 characters later I had created a program. Unlike the Python version, where I stored everything into one big deep dictionary, I had to read everything line by line now. And that's why it took up so many damn lines. There also may be potentially incredibly annoying bugs there, but I think I've fixed all of them. I also added a little script at the end to count the number of opening HTML tags, and closing HTML tags, which I hope should tell me if there is a bug. And if there is one, I'll rewrite the code.

Anyways, that's enough mumbling about programming. Why has the directory been inactive for a whole month and a half? The answer's simple: I'm lazy. Next question: will this happen again? Probably, yea lol. For the time being, I'll be adding moar links. Now, after I've put this news post up, which I'm writing at 01:39 on March 27, there should probably be quite a bit of new links added as well. I've also added a new base directory: Health/. There I was thinking of adding bodybuilding information and dietary stuff, which got me thinking. I've got a link, which is basically a Twitter thread that is a compilation of other Twitter threads. Now, on one hand, it's a good resource for information, on the other, this is a Web directory, not an information directory per se. But I do think it should be somewhere in between, so perhaps a couple exceptions to the rule can be allowed. Either way, I'm just rambling about nonsense now, really. But if you've read so far, you're probably interested in more...

So, on a completely unrelated topic: taxonomies vs. folksonomies. What are those? A taxonomy is when a bunch of things are organised into a hierarchical categorised thing, while a folksonomy is just when a bunch of things each have their own tags. Now, if you've caught on, you'll realise I'm talking about Web directories vs tag-based website monstrosities. Now, it is my firm belief that Web directories are superior to those websites where content is found with tags. I believe this, because having a controlled vocabulary for all the tags is intense pain. On the other hand, a Web directory flows naturally. Ok, so maybe a website falls under multiple categories. What do you do then? Well, you have multiple options. You can just list it in one directory, or you can list it in a parent directory to all those directories, or you can just list it multiple times in all those subdirectories. Now, the latter option would probably not be the greatest one, so if possible, one can divide the website into its constituent subdirectories and list those in each appropriate subdirectory on the Web directory. Okay, I'm pretty sure I've absolutely lost most readers by now, but I know that only 2 people browse this directory, and you probably will read this, however.

Sometimes it's also just a problem of deciding what category to place a website under. Let's take a website about how to make UFOs as an example. Now, where do I put that? Aerodynamics? I've no idea. In that case I just check where Curlie (DMOZ) puts their UFO subdirectory. It turns out they put UFOs under Society/ Paranormal/, so I just decided to steal that idea, and that's where I've put the website.

Anyways, to conclude my great ramble, I will be updating the directory with moar links and deal with some bugs that may arise due to my immensely bloated software. And, no, this post was not written at 3 AM this time.